Campaign Roundup: What happened to Ron Paul?

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Mitt Romney


Wisconsin Poll: Romney 39, Santorum 31, Paul 11, Gingrich 5


Romney, Paul Allege ‘Dirty Tricks’ by Santorum Supporters


Romney Boosts Wisconsin Gov. Walker Ahead of Recall Election


George H.W. Bush to formally back Romney


Romney: Not less government, more efficient government


Rick Santorum


Santorum Says Gingrich Cutbacks Prove It’s a Two-Person Race


Santorum uses Supreme Court oral arguments on Obama healthcare law to criticize Romney


Rick's day at the bowling alley


Tina Brown: Santorum is 'like Judas Iscariot'


Newt Gingrich


Newt Gingrich Cuts Staff, Trims Schedule, Turns to Twitter


Gingrich Campaign: We Need to Stay in To Prevent Romney Nomination


Gingrich: ‘Romney Has to Earn This’


Ron Paul


NYT: Whatever happened to Ron Paul?


Poll: Independent Run by Ron Paul Would Pull 17 percent of Presidential Vote

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