Investigator said Trayvon death 'not self-defense'

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When the Sanford Police Department interviewed one of the witnesses who called 911 to report the Trayvon Martin shooting, the lead investigator said he believed the shooting did not take place in self-defense and resulted from "sterotyping,"  the mother of the witness told Al Sharpton this evening.

"The lead investigator from the Sanford Police Department stood in my family room and told me that this was absolutely not self-defense and they needed to prove it," said Cheryl Brown --whose son was interviewed by investigators after he called 911 to report the Martin shooting -- during her appearance on MSNBC's Politics Nation today. "He told me, I'm paraphrasing this quote, but 'read between the lines, there's some stereotyping going on here.'"

Brown added that the investigator "seemed upset and angered" about the Martin shooting. "He needed to prove this wasn't self-defense," she said.

CBS reported today that early in the investigation, the police requested an arrest warrant for George Zimmerman, the shooter in the case who says he acted in self-defense.




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