Newsweek: Drudge a 'Romney sympathizer'

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Newsweek branded Matt Drudge a "Romney sympathizer" in a survey of conservative media personalities' divisions over the Republican presidential primary.

"The most influential Romney sympathizer in the media may be Matt Drudge, who fills his Web page with pro-Romney headlines and links to stories trashing Santorum and Gingrich," wrote Newsweek's Howard Kurtz. "But Drudge has scoffed at any notion of a pro-Romney conspiracy . . . He views himself as a Wizard of Oz, pulling levers from behind the curtain that will boost traffic to his site, regardless of the target."

Newsweek's characterization of Drudge should be familiar to GOP voters. Rick Santorum charged Drudge with "showing . . . for Mitt Romney" and "[getting] his facts wrong." Fred Thompson, a former presidential candidate and current supporter of Newt Gingrich, said that Romney's campaign "has Drudge in their back pocket" based on his negative coverage of Gingrich.

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