WH admits: merely 'a majority' passed Obamacare

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Pressed about President Obama's claim that "a strong majority" passed Obamacare, his spokesman retreated.

"A majority passed [the health care law], Ed," said visibly-frustrated White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. Fox News' Ed Henry was grilling Carney after the press secretary said "no," the Ryan budget -- which passed the House with nine more votes than Obamacare received -- did not have "a strong majority" of support.

The Ryan budget passed this year by a 228-191 margin. Obamacare passed the House by a  219-212 margin.

Carney argued that Henry was "talking about apples and oranges" when juxtaposing the Obamacare votes to the budget because "that passed Congress and was signed into law," unlike the Ryan budget.


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