The second Paul Ryan speech creating VP buzz

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Only die-hard fans will watch all of Paul Ryan's excellent speech to the Wisconsin Faith and Freedom coalition, but here is a clip from the speech that is creating buzz for Ryan as a Vice Presidential candidate for Mitt Romney.

A sample:

"When I was flipping burgers at McDonalds on the interstate as a kid in Janesville, when I was detassleing corn, when I was working for Oscar Meyer, you know, selling baloney - real baloney by the way - when I was working three jobs out of college waiting tables to pay back my student loans, I did not think of myself stuck in some condition in life, as some victim," said Ryan. "I saw myself on a road of opportunity trying to realize my version of my American dream pursing happiness how i defended it for myself."  

Today in the Washington Post, Philip Rucker referenced this speech and wrote the following:

"Since Ryan endorsed Romney last Friday, he was at the candidate's side at every turn - introducing him before formal speeches, vouching for him at town hall meetings and joining him as they eyed cherry pie, picked up fried cheese curds and handed out sub sandwiches. Along the way, Romney's aides were sizing Ryan up. And although chief strategist Stuart Stevens waved off any talk of the two forming a national ticket as irresponsibly premature, he did say they got along well behind the scenes and noted their 'chemistry' on the stump."

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