Campaign Roundup: Santorum calls it quits

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Rick Santorum


Santorum drops out in face of daughter's illness


VIDEO: Santorum exits race: 'Not done fighting'


Klein: Santorum advanced his profile, even in losing


More Klein: Romney is lucky his rival was Santorum, not Palin


Santorum asks for help paying down campaign debt


Mitt Romney


Romney: Santorum an 'able and worthy competitor'


Ryan on Romney: He's 'kind of a throwback to the '50s'


Newt Gingrich:


Tweet: Gingrich boasts he survived the Santorum surge


Gingrich pitches to Santorum delegates as rival exits race


“I’m thinking about getting it tattooed up here,” Gingrich said as he pointed to his forehead, “All the way to Tampa, OK?”


Gingrich Talks Makeup with High School Girls


Ron Paul


Paul pledges to stay in, praises Santorum


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