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There is a Republican primary for a U.S. Senate seat in a conservative state. Candidate A “objects to mandates from the federal government” including corn ethanol mandates that drive up the cost of gasoline for consumers everywhere. Candidate B supports ethanol mandates because “producing it on farms here that have meant higher values for corn and certainly higher land values here in this state.”

Which candidate should a conservative primary voter support? Which candidate should a supposedly conservative “forward-looking policy institute” that seeks to “create a smaller, smarter government” give their money to?

If you are Douglas Holtz-Eakin and the group is the American Action Network, the 501c4 arm of Holtz-Eakin's American Action Forum, the answer is easy: you give your money to the ethanol-mandate supporting Candidate B.

The quotes from Candidate A and Candidate B above both come from Wednesday night’s debate between Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock and Sen. Dick Lugar. Candidate A is Mourdock, Candidate B is Lugar. Last night, Politico reported: “After massive ad buys against Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar by national conservative groups like the Club for Growth, the establishment cavalry is coming to his rescue, with the American Action Network launching a nearly $600,000 broadcast buy just in Indianapolis, the group confirmed to POLITICO.”

This is not the first time the American Action Network has leapt to the defense of establishment incumbents in Washington. They have given money to Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, who voted for TARP, and Michigan Rep. Fred Upton, who passed the incandescent light bulb ban.

There is a fight going on for the soul of the Republican Party. On one side is the Tea Party and small government conservatives who want to change how business is done in Washington. On the other side are K Street lobbyists and the incumbent politicians that they give money to. Holtz-Eakin and the American Action Network have made it clear whose side they are on.

Campaign 2012
National Poll: A new Fox News poll of registered voters shows Mitt Romney beating President Obama 46 percent to 44 percent. The poll shows that nearly one-quarter of all Independents are undecided on the race.

Obama: VP Joe Biden told MSNBC’s Ed Schultz that the War on Women is quite real yesterday, and explicitly tied it to abortion: “I tell you where it’s going to intensify: the next president of the United States is going to get to name one and possibly two or more members of the Supreme Court.”

Veepstakes: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tells National Review he is willing to “listen” to Romney VP offer.

Around the Bigs
CNN, Rosen apologizes over comments against Ann Romney: Democrat Hilary Rosen offered an apology “to Ann Romney and anyone else who was offended” yesterday, but maintained that “Mitt Romney should not be on the campaign trail saying to women, ‘my wife tells me how it is for women out there,’ because people of wealth sometimes take for granted some of the niceties that they have in life.”

BuzzFeed, Stay At Home Motherhood Isn’t A Luxury, Census Data Shows: A detailed 2010 study by two Census Bureau sociologists found that while stay-at-home motherhood has become less common over time, the women who stay at home are increasingly those whose low education means they can’t earn enough money to making working outside the home worthwhile.

The Wall Street Journal, Spanish Banks’ ECB Borrowing Hits High: Spain’s banks sharply increased their borrowings from the European Central Bank in March as as investors in the private sector remain wary of lending to banks in the fiscally frail southern European economies.

The Los Angeles Times, North Korea satellite launch fails quickly after liftoff: North Korea failed in its much-hyped effort to launch a satellite into space Friday, undercutting its claims to be a “strong and prosperous” nation on the centennial of founder Kim Il Sung’s birth.

Righty Playbook
RedState‘s Erick Erickson condemns the Catholic League’s bigoted twitter feed.

The Weekly Standard’s Jay Cost explains why Obama can only win by going negative.

Political Math posts a chart showing just how progressive the American tax system already is.

Lefty Playbook
ThinkProgress wants to know if Romney supports the Violence Against Women Act.

The Washington Post‘s Sarah Kliff posts a chart showing which states are receiving the most Obamacare implementation dollars.

Alan Dershowitz told MSNBC’s Hardball last night that the second degree murder indictment of George Zimmerman is “irresponsible” and “won’t make it past a judge.”

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