Allen West calls Democrats 'communists' again

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Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., doubled-down on his characterization of House Democrats in the Progressive Caucus as "communists," even attempting to explain the historical basis for his position.

"I don’t regret it whatsoever," West told Red Alert Politics, a sister publication to The Washington Examiner when asked about his comments. "I think that if you were to take the time to study the political spectrum of ideologies at the turn of the century, American communists renamed themselves as progressives."

Last week, West told supporters that "he's heard" that approximately 80 House Democrats are communists. Under criticism from colleagues, West explained that he was referring to the Congressional Progressive Caucus, not actually claiming that his congressional colleagues are members of the Communist Party.

Bossip, a black gossip site, described West as a Republican "house slave" and "Uncle Tom" while criticizing his suggestion that House Democrats are communists.

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