Campaign Roundup: Mitt doesn't eat 'bizarre foods'

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President Obama

Obama to Appear on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ |

Obama Fundraisers Focus on Gay Community

Obama, courting youth vote, to launch student-loan push

White House fires back on Sarah Palin's Secret Service criticism

Mitt Romney

Romney: I haven't eaten 'bizarre' foods

Columnist: Romney's 'not working' sign is *racist*

Romney’s Boston Headquarters Staff to Quadruple Ahead of General

Mitt Romney Campaign Raises $12.6M in March


Jeb Bush Says Romney Should Choose Rubio As Runningmate

Christie a favorite in this VP Poll

Romney: Obama 'brought hard times to Hispanics'

Joe Biden

Biden Predicts November Win But Says ‘We’re Not Cocky’

Biden: Obama agenda like 'legalizing rattlesnakes'

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