Roeper: Obama's Fallon gig 'bizarre' and 'cheesy'

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The Chicago Sun-Times Richard Roeper (of Ebert and Roeper fame) writes that President Obama's appearance on Jimmy Fallon was "bizarre" and "cheesy pandering."

"It was a rather bizarre appearance, what with Obama “slow-jamming” with Fallon and the Roots, calling the disgraced Secret Service agents “knuckleheads” and answering a Twitter question about legalizing pot from some guy named Bobo," wrote Roeper, adding, "On the surface, the notion of Obama slow-jamming with Fallon might seem hip, but it came across as cheesy pandering."

Roeper noted other presidential appearances on late night TV such as Richard Nixon's appearance on "Laugh in" and Bill Clinton playing the sax on "Arsenio Hall."

"(W)e’re long past the point of being shocked when presidents or candidates play the rodeo clown on TV," Roeper concluded. "They’ll do what they gotta do to get elected or stay in office."





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