Campaign Roundup: Surprise! Obama in Afghanistan

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President Obama:

Obama in Afghanistan on anniversary of bin Laden's death to make a speech

Obama's 'Mission Accomplished' speech?

White House killed news of secret Afghanistan trip

Michelle Obama back in Vegas; 2nd time in 33 days

Goats for Obama!

Philip Klein: The bin Laden killing and the election

Brian Williams to Obama in the situation room: 'That's an intense look'

2011: Only 35% give credit to Obama for bin Laden

Obama's Swiss banks

Report: Navy SEALS are frustrated with Obama

PPP: Obama up by 8 in Virginia


Gay Romney Aide Quits After Backlash

Romney-Santorum Friday meeting to be private

Ann Romney: There's a 'wild and crazy' man in Mitt

Fundraising Floodgates Opening For Romney

Romney: I commend Obama for bin Laden mission

Romney heckled at event with Giuliani

Romney, Michael Bloomberg Meet


Va. Gov. McDonnell to campaign with Romney

Rubio faces credit card, mortgage questions

Vice President Biden:

Biden had a secret golf game with Bloomberg last Friday


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