Romney blasts Obama for fumbling Chen in China

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Citing "disturbing" and "troubling" reports from China, Mitt Romney brought up the case of Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng, suggesting that the Obama administration had failed.

Romney celebrated the fact that Chen chose an American embassy to seek his freedom, but added that it didn't look good for the Obama administration.

"The reports are, if they are accurate, that our administration wittingly or unwittingly communicated to Chen an implicit threat to his family and also probably sped up or may have sped up his the process of his decision to leave the embassy."

Romney suggested that the administration wanted to "move on to discussions" with China and Treasury secretary Timothy Geitner and Secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

"If these reports are true, this is a dark day for freedom, and its a day of shame for this administration," Romney said. "We are a place of freedom both here and around the world and we should defend it when its under attack."

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