Campaign Roundup: Steel vs. Steel in Bain record

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President Obama


Obama refuses to moonwalk for college grads


Barnard president Debora Spar an Obama donor


Obama launches Bain offensive against Romney


Obama Attacks Private Equity, Raises Funds from Private Equity Leaders


Obama car czar: "I think the ad is unfair."


Newsweek Cover Labels Obama 'The First Gay President'


Mitt Romney:


Romney Campaign Counters Obama Attack, Highlights Successful Steel Company


Will Obama's dehumanizing campaign against Romney backfire?


How Romney will respond to Obama's Bain attack




Marco Rubio Not Being "Seriously Considered" For VP Spot


Conservatives suggest Jindal


Sen. Portman defends Romney's Bain record, jokes about VP nod


Vice President Biden:


Atlantic column: Joe Biden Needs To Go


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