Barrett rally: Rapper sings 'b**ches who ride me'

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Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has accused Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis., of waging a "war on women," but he yieled his spot on stage at a Wisconsin rally to a rapper who sang a misogynistic song even as Barrett greeted voters.

Barrett wrote a column Wednesday alleging that "under Walker, a war on women has been waged that has weakened protections for equal pay for equal work, and jeopardized women’s health and reproductive freedom."

He took that message, more generally, to a rally organized on his behalf by Van Jones -- President Obama's former green czar -- and his organization Rebuild the Dream.

"This is for our state, our values," Barrett said last weekend, after telling Milwaukee voters that "We don't need a governor who is going to listen to the billionaires and not listen to us."

In Barrett, voters get a governor who has listened to "Sucka MC" by the rapper "Prophetic." Described as "pretty dope" by the Rebuild the Dream representative who introduced him, "Proph" performed the first song on his new album. The video of the rally shows Tom Barrett shaking hands and talking to voters as Proph prepares to sing a couple songs.

The song includes lyrics such as "b**ches who ride me, I want to see how far I can take her." It appears that Proph self-censored at least part of the word "b**ches," though he completed the rest of the phrase.

In the recorded song (the video of the rally ends before this part of the song, Proph also declares that "cash makes the women shake their [derrières]."

Lilly Ledbetter, of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act signed by President Obama in 2009, campaigned for Barrett this week. "Equal work deserves equal pay and Wisconsin deserves a governor who believes in equality and is willing to fight for it," she said in a press release from the Barrett campaign.

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