Morning Examiner: Private vs Public Equity

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For two weeks President Obama has attacked Mitt Romney for his tenure at the private equity firm Bain Capitol, and for two weeks higher percentages of Americans have been telling pollsters they view Romney favorably. This does not mean Obama’s Bain attacks have been completely ineffective. It is still possible that they are changing the minds of independents in mid-west states like Ohio and Iowa.

But Romney is not the only one with an investment record to defend. No, Obama did not make millions as a community organizer before he became a politician. But since he has been a politician, he has invested billions of taxpayer dollars, and today the Romney campaign released a new video reviewing Obama’s record in public equity. Solyndra, First Solar, ECOtality, Sun Power… the list of failed firms on which Obama has wasted taxpayer money is long.

But more importantly,the new video previews how Romney will make the case that it is the Obama economy that is unfair:

More than 16 billion dollars have gone to companies like Solyndra that are linked to big Obama and Democrat donors. The Inspector General said contracts were steered to ‘friends and family. Obama is giving taxpayer money to big donors. And then watching them lose it. Good for them. Bad for us.

Campaign 2012
Romney: Romney: After a widely expected win in Tuesday’s Texas primary, Romney will secure the 1,144 delegates required to clinch the Republican presidential nomination at the party’s August convention.

Around the Bigs
USA Today, Many unemployed facing early end to benefits: More than 100,000 Americans out of work longer than a year in six states and Washington, D.C., are expected to lose their unemployment checks this summer, pushing the total cut off this year to more than 500,000.

The Washington Post, College dropouts have debt but no degree: Nearly 30 percent of college students who took out loans dropped out of school, up from fewer than a quarter of students a decade ago. They have the economic burden of the debt but they do not get the benefit of higher income and higher levels of employment that one gets with a college degree,” said Jack Remondi, chief operating officer at Sallie Mae, the nation’s largest private student lender. “Access and success are not linking up.”

The New York Times, Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will: Obama has placed himself at the helm of a top secret “nominations” process to designate terrorists for kill or capture, of which the capture part has become largely theoretical.

The New York Times, Spain’s Borrowing Costs Rise as Bank Woes Deepen: Spain’s borrowing costs approached record highs on Monday as investors fretted over how the government would find additional money to bail out Bankia, the country’s largest mortgage lender, and other troubled banks.

Righty Playbook
At The Corner, Dr. Robert Zubrin urges Senators not to confirm Allison Macfarlane as Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper reports that MSNBC host Chris Hayes has issued an apology one day after saying on national television that he is “uncomfortable” with calling fallen soldiers “heroes.”

Michael Barone explains why Obama’s attacks on Bain could backfire.

Left Playbook
New York Magazine details Obama’s reelection strategy.

The New York Times, Joe Nocera worries that Dodd-Frank is creating “complexity risk.”

Talk Left‘s Jeralyn Merritt, a criminal defense attorney, posts a detailed analysis of the evidence against George Zimmerman.

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