Morning Examiner: Dirty Desperate Dems

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A new Public Policy Polling survey, a firm employed by the Service Employees International Union, purports to show that the recall race in Wisconsin has tightened, with Gov. Scott Walker leading Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett 50 percent to 47 percent. But the desperate tactics Democrats and their leftist allies are employing in the final days of the campaign do not suggest any real confidence going into Tuesday.

Officially, the Democrats biggest line of attack on Walker is an accusation that he is somehow a target of investigation in an on going political corruption case. Democrats have no evidence that Walker did anything wrong, yet they are still asking him to, “provides letters of exoneration from the state and federal prosecutors who have overseen this investigation.” Walker has ignored this absurd and unprecedented request.

Where the Democratic Party is making do with guilt by association and innuendo, their liberal allies, like the Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-op, are freely making libelous accusations. Specifically, Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-op has posted an article quoting a woman who went to Marquette University with Walker who claims Walker fathered an illegitimate child when he was a freshman, then abandoned both the mother and child. The usual liberal media outlets, like Daily Kos, immediately spread the story, but a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter has since tracked down the mother in question, who confirmed that the original story is bogus.

If accusations and lies do not work, liberals are also counting on intimidation. University of Wisconsin law school professor Ann Althouse reports that she received a mailer from Greater Wisconsin Political Fund, a progressive 527, revealing the voting records, with names and addresses, of everyone in her neighborhood. “After the June 5th election, public records will tell everyone who voted and who didn’t. Do your civic duty–vote!” “This may be the most disgusting thing I have ever received in the mail,” Althouse writes.

For his part, Walker has been unfazed by the Dem assault. “They are so desperate, they can’t stand by their record, they cannot stand by the issues, they have to make crap up that is fundamentally untrue, and I think this is why it’s going to turn,” Walker told National Review. He added that because of the types of personal attacks he is receiving, voters are “not only likely to see us win, they’re likely to see us win by a large margin, because I think voters have had it — they’re disgusted and they’re ready to move on.”

Campaign 2012
Polls: Six weeks into Gallup‘s Daily tracking of the U.S. presidential election, President Obama and Mitt Romney are tied, 46 percent to 46 percent, among the more than 9,000 registered voters interviewed from May 7-27. CNN‘s latest poll of 1,009 adults shows Obama up 49 percent to 46 percent.

Obama: According to a BuzzFeed analysis of campaign finance data, 88% of the people who gave $200 or more in 2008 — 537,806 people — have not yet given that sum this year.

Romney: Politico reports that the man Mitt Romney has tapped to lead his transition team, former Utah governor Michael Leavitt, is a proponent of Obamacare’s health exchanges.

Around the Bigs
The Wall Street Journal, Investors Brace for Slowdown: Pressure is growing on policy makers around the world to take steps to bolster their economies as the U.S. and China show fresh signs of slowing and the fallout from Europe’s debt crisis spreads.

CBS News, Electric vehicles fall drastically short of Obama’s 1 million goal: The Obama administration invested $2.4 billion as part of its goal of putting one million electric vehicles on the road by the end of 2015. But that effort has, in part, stalled.

Politico, Congress sets its sights on conventions: Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., plans to unveil bipartisan legislation this week that would prohibit future conventions from receiving federal dollars and would call on the committees running the parties’ conventions this year to return the money to the Treasury in order to pay down the national debt.

Righty Playbook
At National Review, Mark Steyn on the Twilight of the West.

Instapundit pens a “Tea Party ‘I told you so.’”

The Heritage Foundation‘s Steven Bucci looks at the Obama administration’s history of leaking classified information to their political advantage.

Lefty Playbook
The New York Times Paul Krugman tries to label our current situation “This Republican Economy.”

Talking Points Memo reports that retired Justice John Paul Stevens is predicting the Supreme Court will rescind Citizens United.

Duncan Black advises the European Central Bank to print money until the problem is solved.

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