Campaign Roundup: Obama - My economic plan is fine

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President Obama

Obama Tells Donors His Economic Program Best For Most Americans

Dems to Obama: Voters don't believe economy talk

Clintonites Hit The Panic Button For Obama

Spike Lee worried about Obama's chances

Obama: GOP stuck me with a steak dinner tab

Obama complains of Romney's Twitter campaign

Black Support for Obama Ebbs In North Carolina

First lady continues battleground state campaign swing

Mitt Romney:

Romney to address 100+ CEOs in Washington

Romney: Obama making 'strange' & 'absurd' argument

Wooing an Anti-Obamacare Crowd in Florida, Romney Outlines Health Care Plans

Romney meets quietly with Boehner

Poll: Romney edges Obama in swing-state Iowa

Poll: Romney edges Obama in swing-state North Carolina

Vice President Biden:

VP Biden coming to Utah to raise money

Vice President Joe Biden to Address the National Association of Black Journalists at Annual Convention


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