'Spanish Oprah' endorses Obama

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President Obama got a big boost from Oprah in 2008, when she chose to endorse and campaign for the young Illinois senator.

This time around, Oprah has signaled she will not campaign for his re-election, but the Obama campaign rolls out an endorsement this morning of talk show host Cristina Saralegui, someone equally as influential in the Hispanic community.

Dubbed the ‘Spanish Oprah’ by ABC's 20/20, Saralegui hosts a daily talk show for Hispanics that is described as "groundbreaking, empowering, raunchy, and soul-baring."

"This is a critical time for our country and for the Hispanic community. Hispanics could very well decide the next election and I will do everything I can from now until November to ensure that President Obama is re-elected; there's simply too much at stake," Saralegui declared in a statement. 

Update: Spanish Oprah or Spanish Jerry Springer?

View video of her endorsement below:

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