Examiner Most Wanted fugitive captured by unexpected tip

Local,Scott McCabe

U.S. Marshals captured a fugitive who they said had swindled people around the region after the marshals got a tip from a reader of the Washington Examiner while investigating another case.

Authorities were questioning a woman about a wanted figure they were seeking in Maryland. The woman told investigations she didn't know anything about the man they were asking about -- but she knew where they could find a man whose picture and story recently had appeared in the Washington Examiner.

That man was 49-year-old Eric Lowery, who was wanted in Montgomery County, the District and Charles County. Police said he was part of a check fraud ring that had stolen tens of thousands of dollars in Montgomery County alone.

Lowery was featured on the Crime & Punishment page on Feb. 4 as that week's most wanted fugitive. Marshals considered Lowery a regional nuisance who wouldn't stop defrauding people until he was locked up.

Lowery is the 16th Most Wanted fugitive arrested by U.S. Marshals as a direct result of tips from Examiner readers. The feature runs every Thursday.

The Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force, run by the U.S. Marshals Service, is composed of 30 federal, state and local agencies from Baltimore to Norfolk. The unit has captured more than 29,000 wanted fugitives since its creation in 2004.

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