Occupiers to bring tents back to McPherson Square

Capital Land,Aubrey Whelan

The U.S. Park Police cleared dozens of tents out of McPherson last weekend, but Occupy DC protesters say they plan to bring them back as symbols of the occupation as soon as possible.

Tents that are being used for sleeping are not allowed in McPherson, but empty tents are permitted as symbols of the protest, Park Police have said.

McPherson protesters say they plan to reclaim confiscated tents from Park Police and set up a new tent city that mirrors the camp that occupied the park for four months.

"The plan is to get as much of the park covered as possible," said protester Joe Grey.

Protesters have already set up mock tents, handpainted with political slogans, on the north lawn of McPherson.

Still, Park Police have continued to enforce the no-camping ban in McPherson, which prohibits sleeping in the park. A protester was cited earlier this week for failing to keep one side of his tent open, protesters said, and Park Police asked Occupiers to move bedding materials that they had stored in a "Comfort Tent" Wednesday afternoon.

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