Georgetown gets approval to move ahead with more campus housing

DC,Roxanne Turnbull

The D.C. Zoning Commission gave its approval Monday evening to the Georgetown Campus Plan, the key component of which is to move many students into on-campus housing.

“The resolution of that process has become the beginning of a new process of what Georgetown is doing for the next 10 or 15 years,” said Georgetown University spokeswoman Stacy Kerr.

The Zoning Office left July 30 open for a final hearing if either side had issue with the agreed upon plan. Georgetown University can now move forward with the revised plan agreed upon by earlier school officials and members of the community. The Georgetown Community Partnership, the negotiations committee between the university and the neighborhood group, will begin implementing the terms listed in the newly agreed upon campus plan.

Among the largest goals of the university is to move many students into on-campus housing. Kerr said the hard part is building attractive housing to appease the students.

“I understand the university and the neighbors for wanting to expedite the process so they can get the housing built,” said Zoning Board member and National Park Service Designee Peter May.

Provisions of the plan include moving all freshmen, sophomore and junior undergraduate students under the age of 21 into on-campus housing and out of housing in the surrounding neighborhoods, setting a maximum undergraduate student body at 14,106 students, and creating stricter noise regulations and party guidelines for students.

“This is a pretty remarkable thing to have gotten done,” Kerr said.

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