Non-union Delphi retirees attack Obama about killing their pensions while protecting unions

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Non-union retirees at Delphi, a parts supplier for General Motors, attacked President Obama in a video released after Treasury Department emails revealed his administration’s leading role in terminating their pensions while protecting unionized employees.

“I would ask President Obama why I had no rights and he had all the rights to take my pension away and never ever look back, and, say ‘not only did I take it from Mary Miller but I took it from 20,000 other people and their families,’” Miller said in a video produced by Let Freedom Ring USA, a conservative non-profit.

The video came in response to emails published in The Daily Caller that show representatives of the non-unionized employees Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. emailing each other about the fact that the Treasury Department “disinvited” from a meeting about the pensions.

“And after this they unfairly decided to make the Delphi union workers whole by ‘topping up’ their pensions while they subjected the salaried retirees at the very same company to pension losses of up to 70 percent,” as Let Freedom Ring USA president Colin Hanna recalled.


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