Nats’ playoff and division chart

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With the Nationals’ lead still 7 1/2 games in the National League East entering play Thursday night, it’s time for full-time scoreboard watching. Even the players are not immune to it at this point, apparently.

Lately, yeah. Lately, yeah. When you start seeing the number of games that we need to win, they need to lose – different combinations and things,” first baseman Adam LaRoche said. “You start peaking up there. Again, it’s not going to change what we do. But it’s just habit. When you’re in a stretch like this you got a chance to do something you’re going to keep an eye on your surrounding guys and see how close we are.”

So how about a handy chart to show how close Washington really is to clinching a playoff berth, a division title and home-field advantage throughout the postseason? This exercise assumes that the Nats finish 12-14 down the stretch to end with a 96-66 record and gives the record their rivals would need to pass them.

Team    Record     Games    Wins     Magic #

WAS        12-14           26           96                                                       

CIN          14-10          24           97           24

ATL         20-5            25           97            19

SF            20-5           25            97            19

STL          23-2           25            97            16

LA            24-0            25            97            14

PIT          25-1            26           97            15


100 wins: 16-10 (Nationals)

                       17-7 (Reds)

                       23-2 (Giants)

                       23-2 (Braves)

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