What new shows have the most potential?

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And which ones have the least?

Sorry, folks, but fall 2012 is unlikely to go down as a banner year for the broadcast networks. It probably won't be a complete disaster -- CBS shows tend to have staying power regardless of their qualitative merits -- but TV fans hoping for a year of buzzy shows and breakout hits may be disappointed.

Consequently, it's another year where the pilots don't lend themselves to a best/worst list; a most potential/least potential list seems more appropriate.

Of all the pilots, ABC's "Nashville" is probably the best and the show I'm most excited to see more of. On the other hand, while I really liked the pilot for NBC's "Revolution," after so many serialized genre shows have come and quickly burned out, there's little reason to have faith that this one will be much different.

ABC's "The Neighbors" -- humans move into a gated community full of extraterrestrial residents -- almost made my "most potential" list, even though many TV critics hated it. I'll defend the pilot, but without seeing additional episodes, I'm wary of going too far out on a limb for the show.

Maybe I'll regret not including ABC's "Last Resort," a fantastic concept on paper, but the pilot underwhelmed. Here's hoping "Last Resort" improves -- and that the shows with the least potential quickly disappear.

Most potential

» "Go On" (NBC)

» "The Mindy Project" (Fox)

» "Nashville" (ABC)

» "Revolution" (NBC)

Deserves a second look

» "Last Resort" (ABC)

» "The Neighbors" (ABC)

» "The New Normal" (NBC)

» "Vegas" (CBS)

Least potential

» "Beauty and the Beast" (The CW)

» "Ben and Kate" (Fox)

» "Chicago Fire" (NBC)

» "Guys with Kids" (NBC)

» "The Mob Doctor" (Fox)

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