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Letters to the Editor: Sept. 13, 2012

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Obama has destroyed 'basic bargain' of America

How many years do youlisten to outright prevarications and ignore thereality right in front ofyour face?

According to the Associated Press, President Obama told a crowd in Seminole, Fla., that contrary to Republican pronouncements, America is not a nation in decline and that America's"basic bargain" is at stake in this election: the promise that "if you work hard, it will pay off."

While thisused to be a truism in the United States, it just does not jibewithObama's agenda of redistribution. In his utopian version of America, if you work hard, the government will take (tax, steal)yourearned rewards and givethemto someone else. Remember the 50 percent on some sort of "government assistance" who get a tax "credit" even though they don't pay any income taxes.

Obama's "if you work hard" premise assumes that you will be able to find a job. Tell that to thethird of college graduates who can't find one.

Obama's so-called stimulus has done wonders forthe car industry -- in China.And his doomsday diatribes on what Mitt Romney will do if elected president actually sound more like what willresult if Obama isre-elected.

All peopleneed toremember on Election Day is that 43 presidents racked up almost $11 trillion dollars in debt. The 44th has addedmore than $5 trillion in less than four years -- after promising to cutthe debtin half in his "first term."

Given this history, our national debt should be about $25 trillion at the end of another four years of Obama's"executive privilege" dictatorship. With a continuously mounting debt like that, yes, Mr. Obama, our nationactuallyis in decline.

Carol Prebula

Darnestown, Md.

Poll shows Catholics are abandoning Obama

Some say that President Obama is sure to win the Catholic vote this November, just as he did in 2008. But based on professional polling data recently released by the American Life League, more than 70 percent of Catholics will vote for real change in Washington this fall.

The reason is simple: Religious liberty is at stake.This administration would force all religious institutions and businesses to be involved with contraception, sterilization and abortion. If they refuse, they will be fined. That is not religious freedom.

As New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan boldly proclaimed, "We did not ask for this fight, but we will not run from it."When Catholics see Obama using his photo op with Cardinal Dolan after the Al Smith dinner next month, they should remember that one night of politicking does not erase the bold statements Dolan made opposing Obama's oppression of religious freedom.

The Obama administration's disregard for moral and ethical principles in health care provided by religious institutions is an abomination never before witnessed in our nation's history. Such oppression cannot continue in this fragile democracy.

Judie Brown


American Life League


Obama's chance to fix economy is over

After the storm, the infrastructure was in shambles and errors were made by those responsible for cleaning up the mess. Although the measures they took to prevent another disaster were commendable, it was time to replace the construction company.

Bids were submitted for a new contractor. The winning bidder promised to get the work done within four years and at minimal cost. In a short time, however, it became evidentthat the new company's promises were impossible to fulfill with the equipment and untrained, inexperiencedpersonnel he hired to do the job.

Falling far shortof his deadline, and with astronomicalcost overruns,the contractor is now shamelessly beggingfor more time and more moneyto complete the job.

No, Mr. Obama, we will not trust you for another four years. Your contract is up on Nov. 6, and it will not be renewed.

George Giftos

Boca Raton, Fla.

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