Campaign Roundup: Romney reboot?

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President Obama:

In Ohio, Obama slams China, Romney

Obama has outspent Romney 2-to-1 in key swing states

Obama denounces, then endorses corporate welfare in Ohio

Obama: I want a government that is lean, mean, and focused

White House: President watched football last weekend, not Saturday Night Live

‘You didn’t build that’ turned into MC Hammer spoof starring Obama, Clint Eastwood, and Jennifer Granholm

Mitt Romney:

Team Romney’s Ed Gillespie explains why Obama’s bounce is fading

Mitt Romney abruptly shifts strategy

Romney camp retools message, dismisses report of disarray

Romney Aide Concedes Campaign Has Been Short on Specifics

New Romney ad: Dear Daughter, Welcome to America under Obama

Pelosi: ‘Mitt Romney is not going to be President of the United States. I think everybody knows that’

Paul Ryan:


Woodward on MSNBC: “Paul Ryan is on the right track”

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