United coach Olsen addresses Boskovic's playing time

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Branko Boskovic kicked over water bottles after being substituted in D.C. United's 2-1 win over New England on Saturday but didn't talk to reporters until Tuesday. By then, he had plenty to say about coach Ben Olsen's comment that he's "not 90-minutes fit."

"The season is over, I'm still not ready?" Boskovic said. "I don't know. I can play more, but he decide to put me out. ... Maybe I'm not good enough, physically, for this league. When I'm going to be ready if I'm not ready now?"

Olsen understood the sarcasm and said he was happy that Boskovic was angry.

Asked why Boskovic is subbed out so frequently, Olsen responded, "Because that's a decision I make."

And he didn't plan on talking to Boskovic any further. D.C. United (13-10-5) has six games remaining.

"I'm not going to make this a big issue," Olsen said. "I don't have an ego with this stuff. You want to [talk about] me in the press? I don't care. What do I care? I care about this team and winning games and doing the right thing for this team."

- Craig Stouffer

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