Obama: 47 percent of Americans didn’t vote for me in 2008

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President Obama was asked about Mitt Romney’s 47 percent remarks, during an appearance on the Letterman show last night.

“When I won in 2008, 47 percent of the American people voted for John McCain, they didn’t vote for me,” Obama said. “What I said on election night was, even though you didn’t vote for me, I hear your voices, and I’m going to work as hard as I can to be your president.”

President Obama added that he meets many Republicans on the campaign trail all the time, calling them “hard working family people who care deeply about this country.”

“My expectation is that if you want to be president you have to work for everybody, not just for some,” explained Obama.

Obama added that the American people “work hard” and “believe in the American Dream.”

“There are not a whole lot of people out there who think they are victims, there are not a lot of people who think they’re entitled to something,” Obama added reminding the audience that most Americans don’t mind helping

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