New Romney TV ad: ‘If he cannot lead his own party, how can he lead America?’

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Bob Woodward’s new book, The Price of Politics, is a devastating account of President Obama’s failed first three years in office. But at 448 pages it isn’t likely many swing voters will read it.

So the Romney campaign has begun to pull out some of the most damning items from the book, and put them in television ads. The first, “Mute Button,” is currently airing in key swing states. The text of the ad is below:

VIDEO TEXT: Bob Woodward. The Price Of Politics.
VOICEOVER: Bob Woodward, the Washington Post reporter who broke Watergate, recently wrote that during stimulus negotiations, President Obama called his Democratic leadership team, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi. And as President Obama spoke, Nancy Pelosi hit the mute button.

VIDEO TEXT: Pelosi Reached Over And Pressed The Mute Button.
VOICEOVER: Went on with their meeting, ignoring the President. Not even listening to what he had to say. If he cannot lead his own party, how can he lead America?

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