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One month ago at the Republican National Convention, Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love wowed conservativesacross the country with a pitch perfect speech explaining what America means to her and her family:

Let me tell you about the America I know. My parents immigrated to the U.S. believing that the America they had heard about really did exist. When times got tough they did not look to Washington, they looked within. So, the America I came to know was centered in personal responsibility and filled with the American dream.

We know that the American dream is not just my story, and it is not just your story, it is our story. It is a story of human struggle – of standing up and striving for more. It’s been told for over 200 years with small steps and giant leaps: from a woman on a bus to a man with a dream; from the bravery of the greatest generation to the entrepreneurs of today. This is our story – this is the America we know because we built it.

At the time, Love was down by 15 points to six-term incumbent Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, 53-38. That lead is now gone.

According to a new Public Opinion Strategies poll, Love is now beating Matheson 51-36. And Democrats are not taking Love’s blooming well.

The leftist magazine Mother Jones is now attacking Love as an “anchor baby” and police are investigating a packet of racist pictures sent to Love’s mayoral office.

Few things anger liberals more than seeing a successful immigrant adopt conservative policies and win as a Republican. That is why the liberal noise machine will stop at nothing to destroy Love. So far it seems Utah voters are ignoring them.

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