Grover Norquist can't act, and other lessons from the 'Atlas Shrugged II' set

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A host of libertarians gathered at the home of Matt Kibbe, president of Freedom Works, and his wife Terry on Monday night to celebrate the upcoming release of "Atlas Shrugged II," the second installment in the film adaptation of the Ayn Rand classic. Yeas & Nays caught up with Patrick Fabian, one of the movie's stars, to discuss the unique nature of a libertarian movie set.

"It wasn't political on the set," said Fabian, who's appeared in a long list of TV shows (perhaps most notably "Saved By the Bell: The College Years," where he played the professor who kissed Kelly Kapowski.) Though the cast was given copies of the book and encouraged to read it, Fabian said no one was asked to swear allegiance to Ayn Rand. "There was never any Scientology litmus test," he joked, adding, "And let's be honest, we had union actors and union grips. The irony was not lost on anyone."

Several libertarians and anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist appeared in small roles, which made for lively discussion on the set, Fabian said. And what did the professional actors think of Norquist's performance?

Fabian put it this way: "I won't come up with tax policy, and maybe he won't be an actor."

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