NBA can't afford to let its new ruleflop

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Flopping has never been more prevalent in sports.

It's origins are believed to begin in soccer, but the European influence in the NBA turned it into a trend in basketball, too.

Even the gridiron has the occasional dramatized dive in an attempt to draw a flag.

The excuse by habitual offenders? If it helps the team win, there's nothing wrong with it.

But there is something wrong about faking a fall to deceive officials, and it's time to take a stand.

The NBA is sick of it and announced Wednesday it will fine repeat floppers.

Players first will get warned, then fined $5,000 for the second time and as much as $30,000 for a sixth offense.

"Flops have no place in our game," vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson said in a statement.

The hilarity of watching an untouched 7-footer drop to the ground as if he had just taken a Mike Tyson haymaker doesn't outweigh how the maneuver ruins the game.

Let's hope the fall of flopping has begun.

- Jeffrey Tomik

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Jeffrey Tomik

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