For when nature calls

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San Francisco artist Clark Sorensen ( gives new meaning to the phrase "when nature calls" with his handcrafted, custom-designed, flower-shaped urinals and sinks. He spends several weeks sculpting each piece and has developed his own color formulas to achieve the bold, vivid look that makes his work stand out. The urinals and sinks are shipped with instructions for installation in a bathroom, but they also can be used as a sculpture display. The high-fire porcelain takes months to dry and shrink evenly, so the turn-around time for each beautiful and highly functional piece is five to eight months. Urinals are priced from $5,900 to $9,900. Sorensen says there isn't any deep meaning behind his creations but that they do "echo more classic conflicts between masculine and feminine, good and evil, soiled and chaste." He takes custom orders at or 415-401-0383 and ships worldwide.

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