Petting zoo adds spunk to Greg Gutfeld party

Yeas and Nays,Politics,Nikki Schwab

Folks gathered Tuesday night at a Capitol Hill rowhome dubbed the "Breitbart Embassy" to toast "Red Eye" host Greg Gutfeld's forthcoming book, "The Joy of Hate." Organizers from the Breitbart News Network wanted the party to stand out among the staid tradition of Washington book parties -- so they brought in a petting zoo. "[The organizer] had a choice for a white alpaca, and he said no -- only white alpacas at our party? What's PETA going to say?" Gutfeld joked. (For the record, the "alpaca of color," as Gutfeld called it, had a mostly brown coat). The "embassy's" backyard also contained a goat, a miniature horse, chickens, ducks and bunnies.

The book, out Nov. 13, tells readers how to "triumph over whiners, hurt feelings, and spineless liberals in the age of phony outrage," according to its tagline. "The reason why it's here, mainly, at the Breitbart Embassy, is because the book is dedicated to Andrew Breitbart," Gutfeld told the crowd. "It all comes from hanging around with Andrew and laughing about it."

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