Elementary student to Biden: Send Obama

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Vice President Joe Biden visited an elementary school today, but one student might have been happier if President Obama himself had arrived instead.

“Can you tell Barack Obama something for me?” a student at Matt Kelly Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nev., asked Biden. “Can you tell him to come here?” According to the pool report, Biden indicated he would pass along the message.

The pool report noted that Biden was a big hit with the five-year-old and six-year-old crowd. “I wish my constituents liked me as much,” Biden joked.

Here’s the full pool report:

NORTH LAS VEGAS — The students and teachers of Matt Kelly Elementary
School got a surprise visit from Vice President Joe Biden.

The kids at the predominantly African American school were waiting for
Biden on an asphalt basketball court and shouted “Biden! Biden!” as the VP
walked up in his blue jacket and slacks (no aviators).

“Oh my goodness,” Biden said as he approached the first group of students.
They were clustered in three groups in an attempt to control the chaos. A
couple of teachers greeted Biden first. And he posed for pictures with

Then he said to the students: “Hey everybody here going to college?!”
The children, who looked to be 5 or 6 year-olds, pressed close to Biden. He
and hugged his legs.

One youngster, a boy who looked to be 8 or 9, said: “Can you tell Barack
Obama something for me?”

“Sure,” Biden said.

“Can you tell him to come here?” the boy said.

“Well he’s back East now,” Biden said, but indicated he’d pass the message.

Biden tried to move on to the next cluster of very excited children. “Oh
no, I can’t move,” Biden said. “I’ve got someone stuck to my hip.”

A teacher asked the children to back away.

Biden introduced him to the next, groups of kids saying, “I’m Vice
President Biden, I work with President Barack Obama.”

A teacher came up to Biden, describing herself as a supporter and told him
he was great in the debate. Biden kissed her cheek. She said loudly, “Vice
President Biden kissed me on the cheek!”

“My wife’s a teacher,” Biden said.

Biden then picked up three girls one-by-one.

“Thanks for letting me come to the playground,” Biden said. “I wish I could
play basketball.”

Biden prepared to leave, the children were still hugging him.

“I wish my constituents liked me as much,” Biden said. “God love it!”

“I can’t pick you all up. I can’t pick you all up,” he said as he prepared
to leave.

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