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Letters to the Editor: Oct. 24, 2012

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Goldberg takes cheap shot at Ann Romney

Re: "Whoopi Goldberg to Ann Romney: Isn't it against the Mormon religion to fight in wars?" Beltway Confidential, Oct. 18

Whoopi Goldberg, a co-host of ABC's"The View," was quick to assail Ann Romney about the lack of military service by her husband and sons.She followed up with an insulting question: How would her nonveteran husband be able to face and console families of the fallen? She turned what was going to be a pleasant interview of the wife of a presidential candidate into a dirty political trick that is hard to excuse.

Of course, neither did her dear friend, President Obama. But Goldberg did not ask the same question of the Obamas.

Trying to make politicalhay on the blood of the fallen is indeed reprehensible and un-American, especially coming from somebody who has no record of service of any kind to the nation, while the Romneys have done plenty of missionary and charitable work.

The producers of "The View" ought to take a second look at their cast members, and Whoopi ought to take her cheap political tricks to thegutter -- where they belong.

Louis Ginesi Dominguez


Anti-Kazakhstan ad is unfair, misleading

Re: Human Rights Foundation advertisement, Oct. 17

Kazakhstan is an aspiring democracy and doesn't yet live up to every tenet of Western-style republics. But it's getting there,strengtheningthe rule of law andpromotingfreedom of speech. For this reason, the Human Rights Foundation advertisement that ran in The WashingtonExaminerwas unfair and untrue.

Contrary to the ad's main message, President Nazarbayev has faced the voters repeatedly and is genuinely popular. In addition, recent criminal trials that were held after a riot in western Kazakhstan were models of openness and transparency. The people responsible for the violence, including some government and company officials, were held accountable. Two people who are suspected of killing Alexander Bozhenko have been arrested and those who are responsible for this crime will be brought to justice after investigations and due judicial process.

Kazakhstan works with public relations firms to let the world know how much progress it's made, especially as a destination for foreign investment. That's no crime. In fact, the effort gives Kazakhs the confidence they need to continue to make advancements. One-sided, biased ads like the Foundation's, however, needlessly discourage constructive engagement.

Dastan Yeleukenov

Charge d'affaires,

Embassy of Kazakhstan

Changing definition of marriage is dangerous

Re: "On Maryland referenda, just say 'no,' " Local Editorial, Oct. 13

Marriage is a legally binding union of a man and a woman for the procreation, nurturing and civilization of children, providing basic stability to society. For this reason, it is protected by the state, which has a huge stake in the success or failure of this irreplaceable institution.

Changing the definition of marriage cannot change this fundamental truth. Attempts to do so create serious mischief thatdestabilizes the family, indoctrinates young children in school and creates intoleranceand eventually criminalization ofany dissent.

These are the hallmarks of a totalitarian society.

Elizabeth Ward Nottrodt


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