Animal balloonists, sheep herders donate to Romney

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GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been painted by many as a rich guy whose policies will benefit other rich guys, and certainly his more high-profile campaign donors tend to be, well, rich guys. But Romney's campaign filing reports tell another story. They aren't all country club owners. (Well, one is.) A look at Romney's coalition of donors and their self-described professions:

"Bullion dealer" David W. Young of Stephens City, Va. has donated $245 to Romney this cycle. "Hard-working American" Duane Smith of Stillwater, Okla., works hard for Southwest Airlines and donated $500 in September. Smith slightly outspent "Hard-working, tax-paying American" David Anderson of La Mirada, Calif., ($335).

Romney also counts among his supporters a "trout trainer," "balloon artist," "sheep herder," "player," and "professional expert." One Michael Schmidt of Houston lists his profession as "doesn't matter." In case you missed that, he lists his employer as "still doesn't matter." Schmidt donated $1,000 in September.

- Jennifer Peebles contributed to this report

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