More drama but still no deal for NHL

Cheers and Jeers,Brian McNally

The drama continues in the ongoing labor negotiations between the NHL and the NHL Players' Association. But did the league take a misstep when, according to an internal memo obtained by Yahoo! Sports, it allowed its general managers -- previously barred from any contact with players -- to take questions from those same players last weekend on the NHL's last CBA proposal? That's a sly way of getting its message past NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr, but also a gambit likely to anger the very man it needs to negotiate with.

There are just days left before the NHL's own deadline for holding a short training camp and starting a full 82-game season on Nov. 2 is blown. But in the end, a deal will get done because the two sides are too close to see another lost season. Some version of expanded revenue sharing by the owners among themselves and a 50-50 split of hockey-related revenue -- however that is defined -- will be ratified. The bigger question is how long will it take to get there and what damage will have been done to the sport?

- Brian McNally

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