Top 10 D.C. Speed Cameras in 2012

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Speed cameras along Interstate 295 generated nearly $24 million for the District over the past year, more than a quarter of the $85 million raised by all speed cameras in the city, AAA Mid-Atlantic reported.

The highway, also known as the Anacostia Freeway, straddles the east side of the District and crosses over into Maryland to become the Baltimore Washington Parkway. The speed limit on much of the road is 50 mph.

I-295 has four of the top 10 moneymaking cameras for the District, AAA Mid-Atlantic, a frequent critic of the city using the cameras to generate revenue.

Supporters of the cameras say they reduce speeding and accidents. Opponents say the cameras are being used mainly to rake in cash at the expense of drivers.

The top ticket-generating cameras:

1. 295 SW south of Exit 1 southbound
Tickets: 92,441
Revenue: $9.2 million

2. 295 SW south of Exit 1 northbound
Tickets: 68,958
Revenue: $6.6 million

3. 600 blk New York Avenue NE westbound
Tickets: 56,493
Revenue: $5.4 million

4. 295 NE/Benning Rd northbound
Tickets: 46,182
Revenue: $4.9 million

5. 1900 blk Branch Ave SE northbound
Tickets: 40,383
Revenue: $3.5 million

6. 295 NE/Benning Rd Exit northbound
Tickets: 35,577
Revenue: $3 million

7. 600 blk Missouri Avenue NW northbound
Tickets: 31,670
Revenue: $3 million

8. 3200 blk of Porter St NW eastbound
Tickets: 18,553
Revenue: $1.9 million

9. 7700 blk 16th Street NW northbound
Tickets: 17,213
Revenue: $1.8 million

10. 1900 blk Independence Ave SE eastbound
Tickets: 16,313
Revenue: $1.8 million

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