Women journalists raise eyebrows, bump fists over campaign 2012

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Armed with zingers and anecdotes, three leading ladies of journalism -- Candy Crowley, Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff -- talked about their craft Tuesday night at a "Campaign 2012 Coverage" event hosted by the Newseum and the Bipartisan Policy Center. Crowley spent a good chunk of time talking about the recent presidential debate that she moderated, saying she was taken aback by how "territorial" the two candidates were.

"And then you realized their first full argument was about whether we were drilling on public lands -- really?" she said, eyebrows raised. Ifill and Woodruff had the honor of being the first all-female ensemble anchoring a network's convention coverage. After each convention concluded, they celebrated with a fist bump. "We did that for both conventions," Ifill said. "We just wanted it to be over," Woodruff added.

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