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Talking Points

Who won the Tour de France between 1998 and 2005?

American cyclist Lance Armstrong was declared the winner of those seven races, but he was stripped of his titles and winnings after being caught in a doping scandal. Late last week, the International Cycling Union, the sport's governing body, announced that it would not award Armstrong's titles to any other riders or upgrade the standings in those seven races. That means, officially, there was no winner for seven years.

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger done making movies?

For better or worse, the former action-movie star and ex-governor of California is returning to the big screen. He will reprise his role as Conan the Barbarian 30 years after making the first two "Conan" films. Now 65 and dealing with the scandal of having secretly fathered a child with his housekeeper while still married to Maria Shriver, the Terminator is set to star in five more films, including a sequel to the 1988 comedy "Twins."

What is the rarest dog in the world?

European conservationists who did a 12-year study have determined the Ethiopian wolf qualifies as the world's rarest dog. There are fewer than 500 of the breed left on Earth, and only 72 of those are still running around in the wild, researchers from the Zoological Society of London said. The wolves are particularly vulnerable to rabies, which largely decimated their number.

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