Huntsman daughters would have loved to spoof 'binders of women'

Yeas and Nays,Politics,Nikki Schwab

Together again for a charity event Saturday at the new Emporio Armani store at Tysons Galleria, Mary Anne, Abby and Liddy Huntsman were just a tad sad that they couldn't have continued their Twitter fun and YouTube spoofing through the general election. "We wished that we had been on the campaign for the general election because there was so much to work with, there were so many fun ideas we came up with. We thought, 'If only our dad was running we could have done something,' " Abby Huntsman told Yeas & Nays. (As you may recall, the daughters of GOP candidate Jon Huntsman gave Herman Cain's smoking ad a run for its money.) So what did they like best? "Binders full of women," Mary Anne Huntsman jumped in, noting that they "might" be the debate meme for Halloween. "We are," said Liddy Huntsman, putting the issue to rest.

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