What does Mark Hamill think about Episode VII?

Katy DeLuca,Buzz

"I was just gobsmacked. 'What? Are you nuts?' I can see both sides of it. Because in a way, there was a beginning, a middle, and an end and we all lived happily ever after and that's the way it should be -- and it's great that people have fond memories, if they do have fond memories. But on the other hand, there's this ravenous desire on the part of the true believers to have more and more and more material. I have mixed feelings about [the sale to Disney], but they haven't done badly by Marvel and the Muppets and Pixar. It's one of those big decisions that at first seems unusual but then the more you look at it, the more it makes sense."

_ Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker, talking to Entertainment Weekly about the news that Lucasfilm, the force behind the Star Wars movies, had been sold to Disney, who is looking to release more episodes in the franchise.

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