Campaign Roundup: Obama springs back to the campaign trail

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President Obama:

Obama’s splashy ‘Commander-in-Chief’ entrance for rally in Green Bay

Obama: Tea Party attitude in Washington needs to go

Nate Silver bets Joe Scarborough $1000 that Obama wins

At Obama rally, Green Bay Packers star praises president’s bi-partisan hurricane response

Bill Clinton in Ohio: I’m honored to be here in Pennsylvania

Mitt Romney:

Romney supporters shout down global warming protestors

Karl Rove’s prediction: Mitt Romney will be declared America’s 45th president on Nov. 7

Romney Spanish-Language Ad Ties Obama to Castro, Chavez in Miami

New Romney ad mocks Obama’s plan to appoint federal Secretary of Business

Paul Ryan:

Photo: Paul Ryan goes trick-or-treating with his kids in Wisconsin

Vice President Biden:

Biden assumes campaign role of aggressor

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