Actor Kal Penn pans ‘who let the dogs out’ anti-Romney ad featuring his voice

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The Obama campaign is running radio ads mocking Mitt Romney for a number of awkward statements he as made on the campaign trail this season, including one where he asks “Who let the dogs out?” Actor Kal Penn’s voice is featured in the ad, explaining why he is voting for President Obama.

I pointed out the ad to Penn on Twitter, who indicated in a response that he was unhappy with the campaign’s use of his voice in the ad.

“Strange. I’d never agree to my voice in a negative ad,” he replied. “My belief in POTUS is always based on accomplishment & leadership.”

Penn’s positive message is included in the ad, but only after playing a list of Romney “gaffes,” including, “Corporations are people, my friend – Let Detroit go bankrupt – Borrow money if you have to – Who let the dogs out? Who? Who?”

Penn, famous for his role in the stoner-comedy Harold and Kumar trilogy, spoke at the Democratic convention earlier this year.

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