Crime History: Murder Inc. hitman plunges to untimely death

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On this day, Nov. 12, 1941, the Mafia's most feared killer fell to his death after becoming a government informant, immortalizing Abe Reles as "the canary who sang, but couldn't ßy."

"Kid Twist" Reles had made prosecutors an offer, revealing the existence of a national crime syndicate and a hit squad known as Murder Inc.

The information helped authorities close dozens of cases, find numerous bodies, and send several hitmen to the electric chair.

Eighteen officers were used to guard Reles at the Half Moon Hotel in Coney Island.

Hours before he was to testify against high-ranking mobster Albert Anastasia, Reles was found dead Þve stories below his hotel room window.

Police claimed it was a suicide, but it's believed they were paid to kill him.

-Scott McCabe

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