Paul Ryan: It would be great for President Obama to offer some ideas

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Back in Wisconsin, Rep. Paul Ryan spoke to WISC-TV’s Jessica Arp about his campaign and what he planned to do once he returned to Congress.

Ryan said that he respected that the American people chose to re-elect President Obama, but that it was a clear sign to political leaders in Washington that the country wants their leaders to work together to find common ground.

“We now have divided government, like we did before,” he said. “The divided government that we had before didn’t work, we’re going to have to make this divided government work.”

Ryan cited a statement from his father, noting that a person is either “part of the problem, or part of the solution.”

“I feel its my job to be part of the solution,” Ryan added.

Ryan added that in spite of the major differences between Republicans and President Obama, he hoped that they could come together to prevent the fiscal cliff.

“It would be great to see the President offer some ideas,” explained Ryan, adding that House Republicans have offered multiple budgets, and specific plans to avoid the fiscal cliff.

“We haven’t seen any leadership from the President on that yet,” Ryan continued. “I think because the president got re-elected, I think it is in his interest to offer some ideas, to put specific plans on the table.”

When asked about 2016, Ryan said, “Oh gosh, we just finished a presidential election, I think that everybody is tired of talking presidential politics, I am!”

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