Crime History: Serial killer captured after last victim is released

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On this day, Nov. 16, in 1984, Florida police arrested serial killer Bobby Joe Long after he released his last victim, a teenager he raped and tortured for 26 hours.

Long killed 10 women in the Tampa Bay area over eight months in 1984. He would tie up his victims, rape and torture them, before killing them by strangulation, knife or beating. He'd dump the bodies in desolate areas.

His last victim, Lisa McVey, 17, made up a story about being the only child of a gravely ill father to try to gain Long's sympathy.

Long, 31, put a blindfold on her, drove her to a desolate area and let her go. She provided enough information for police to track him down.

McVey later became a Tampa Bay-area sheriff's deputy.

- Scott McCabe

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