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Talking Points

Will the Twinkie cease to exist?

Cupcake giant Hostess announced last week that it will close its doors after failing to negotiate the end of a strike with its union workers. But while Hostess is planning to stop making its well-known treats, the Twinkie is expected to survive. Hostess will likely sell the rights to make Twinkies to its competitors as the company goes through the bankruptcy process to help cover its debts. According to an Associated Press report, the Twinkie alone brought in $68 million in revenue for Hostess, and that has other snack makers mouths' watering.

Will Virginia receive federal help to pay for Superstorm Sandy damage?

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell requested disaster aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Friday to help localities with their cleanup. If approved, a total of 28 communities, including Arlington, Prince William and Loudoun counties and the cities of Fairfax, Falls Church and Manassas, would receive reimbursement from the federal government for the cost of recovery and response to the storm. McDonnell also asked for individual assistance to help people whose homes were damaged by Sandy.

What town is now looking to go a little less "natural"?

Lawmakers in San Francisco, a town with an anything-goes reputation, will vote Tuesday on an ordinance that would ban nudity in most public places. The new law was proposed after complaints about a group of men who regularly stroll the city's famously gay Castro District au naturel.

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