THE 3-MINUTE INTERVIEW: Carolyn Stromberg


Stromberg is the owner of Righteous Cheese in Union Market. A longtime student of the culinary arts, the Mount Pleasant resident is a cheese expert who teaches classes at her store.

Where does your passion for cheese come from?

I really started getting into the world of food and wine when I was out of college and working in restaurants, thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. I started getting into cheese after working with great restaurants and chefs. My passions are demystifying cheese, navigating the cheese counter and providing really unique pairings, especially wine and cheese and beer and cheese.

How do the cheese classes work?

They each have a theme. October was American Cheese Month, so we did some of my favorite American artisan cheeses and beers. You can go online and sign up for a class. They're very small, and we sit down and try six cheeses and three wines or beers and I talk about each cheese and wine and how to pair them and about how cheese is made.

What's something about cheese that would surprise people?

The way cheese looks has very little to do with how it tastes. A lot of people judge cheese on its color or appearance. Also, people wonder why local cheese is a lot more expensive than cheese from Europe, and it gives us a chance to talk about agriculture and distribution. There are so many things like that, and it's great to be able to have that kind of dialogue.

What's your personal favorite kind of cheese?

It depends on my mood and the season. But I will tell you the one cheese I always have in my refrigerator is some sort of soft, fresh goat cheese. I can eat it at any time.

- Abby Hamblin

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